Reality Blog: A Freelancer’s Nightmare on Anne St.

Reality Blog: A Freelancer's Nightmare on Anne St.

I know. I was going to write about a freelance writer’s website and LinkedIn profile this week.

Honestly, that would’ve been a lot more fun. I love writing about those topics. But, my focus changed.

I faced a tough challenge today.

Actually, it’s been brewing for several days. It’s not the first time this demon and I have crossed paths. And it’s certainly not going to be the last.

Before I get started, I should explain that I live on Anne Street. And that’s where my nightmare took place. Here’s my tale…

I was ready to quit today. Not my job… my copywriting business.

Don’t look so shocked. It happens to some writers. And many never recover.

What makes this time particularly odd is that something particularly wonderful happened yesterday.

Something that many new freelance writers dream about.

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  1. Jane Armstrong says:

    Great advice about getting support Steve and I totally agree. We need other writers who can empathize and provide that a needed kick when necessary. Loving the reality blog and I think you are doing an awesome job”

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