Reality Blog: When Life Happens, Press On

Reality Blog: A Copywriting Business Must Survive Life's StormsHello, my friend. Welcome to this installment of the B2B Writing Success Reality Blog. This series of posts records my journey toward building a successful freelance copywriting business.

From the very first article, I promised to be open and honest with you. And, I have been. I try my best to keep it upbeat and interesting. To share with you the high spots in my trek.

Just last week, I shared a fun experience with my oldest granddaughter. One that brought us even closer together. It reinforced my dream of a writer’s life.

I’d recommend you read it. It will put a smile on your face. And hey, I’m a granddad. I love to brag about my little ones.

This past week was interesting. Not really the word I’m looking for, but it’ll work for now. It started out great. I got a creative brief from a new client, an agency. I wrote the first of two product descriptions and sent them her way.

She loved what I’d written and was excited to send it to her client for review. When finished, three to four hours of work will pay me $700.

There are some other wins I’d like to share with you next week. They’re kind of cool and you’ll enjoy them.

So, the first part of the week had me on a pretty good emotional high. But, you know… life has a way of slinging some curveballs at you sometimes.

It started with my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

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  1. Joyce Hollman says:

    Steve, thanks for sharing this piece of your life .. I really appreciate it.. And, good advice, too … life happens, but we can’t let that derail our plans or our hopes and dreams….can’t wait to see you (and Mary?) and hear more of your success stories in October…and share mine!

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