Partnering with Marketing Technology Companies

How to Develop Partnerships with Marketing Technology CompaniesMany freelancers know that developing partnerships can be helpful for your business, supplementing your income and bringing you new and interesting projects to work on. But many freelance writers only ever think of the usual partnerships, like web designers, marketing agencies, SEO agencies, etc.

What about other kinds of businesses? Is it worth partnering with, say, marketing technology companies? Is there any way this could be beneficial to your writing business? I think so.

A few weeks ago, I was at a content marketing conference, walking through Sponsor Row. You know, the area where conference sponsors set up a booth to talk about their products and services? Typically they’re large, B2B companies aimed at other large companies, so you may want to just bypass them. I often do too.

But this time, I decided to go through and talk to each one. Mainly I wanted to practice my networking skills as it had been a while since I’d been out of my office, but I was also genuinely interested in their products. There were a number of companies I hadn’t heard of before, so I wanted to hear what they were all about.

One company was an SaaS company that produced a platform that helped companies convert their marketing assets into interactive marketing such as videos, slideshows with voiceovers, and more. The spark of an idea flared up in my brain, but it wasn’t quite clear yet what I was going to do with it.

Another was for a B2B attribution software platform that helped companies gather more complex and deeper analytics about their marketing assets. While he knew that his company’s software wasn’t for me, he pointed out that they had a partnership referral program, and that if I sent any of my clients his way, I could earn a referral fee. The idea that sparked earlier started to take shape in my head and reminded me of a third conversation I’d had with another marketing tech (mar tech) company on Twitter.

This third company had reached out to me on Twitter after we had a brief conversation over there. He wanted to chat with me about his company and services. Again, his products seemed like overkill for my little freelance writing business, but what he was actually proposing was very intriguing. He suggested that I offer his company’s products as part of my service offering so I could collect the fees from the clients for the work AND also the usage fee from his company.

Thinking about the three conversations, my mind was on fire. Then, I had a bit of an epiphany: as a freelance business owner I could and should be pursuing partnerships with other B2B mar tech companies from which I could earn referral fees. Think of it like affiliate marketing, but on a much larger scale.

Why it can pay to partner with marketing technology companies

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  1. Derek Little says:

    Sounds great Julia. Can you email me the name of the company?

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