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Quick Tip: What Makes B2B Copywriting Different

Quick Tip: What Makes B2B Copywriting Different

June 8, 2013 | By B2B Writing Success | No Comments

red guy w white guys cropWhen copywriting for consumer markets, you often need to provide simple explanations of the product or service being sold so that the consumer can easily understand the benefit to them.  Wowing them with detailed technical explanations just doesn’t work to trigger the sale.

For many B2B marketers, especially those selling sophisticated technical products, the exact opposite is true.

Bob Bly, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing”, reminds us that B2B marketing is commonly targeted to a highly sophisticated audience.   At a minimum, the buyers are highly educated in the product or service. It is likely that they have technical knowledge that goes well beyond that of most B2B copywriters.

This means that as a copywriter for the B2B market, you must do sufficient research into the industry you are serving and become familiar with the product or service, how the buyer will use it, and the technical language used in that industry.

It is much better to employ readers with a high level of technical knowledge to help you write copy on their level than to oversimplify and brand yourself a novice.

There are many, many markets in the B2B niche.  Focus on those you are able to effectively research and write sophisticated copy for and you will have a very successful B2B copywriting career!

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