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Why White Papers Are Vital to B2B Copywriters

Why White Papers Are Vital to B2B Copywriters

June 23, 2013 | By B2B Writing Success | No Comments

Steve Slaunwhite interviews Gordon Graham, one the best white paper writers in the B2B community.  Gordon is the go-to white paper writer for large Fortune 500 companies like Google, Rackspace, Oracle, and many others.

In the interview, Gordon Graham reveals why writing white papers is so important these days for B2B copywriters – for both those that want to get into the business and those that are established.

Including the reasons why B2B copywriters NEED to understand white-papers even if you don’t necessarily want to write them.

Gordon has been a featured speaker at the AWAI B2B Copy Intensive where he’s helped other B2B copywriters boost their income by writing white papers.  Be sure and grab a pen and paper so you can take notes!

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