3 Roadmaps for B2B Business Start-Up Success

3 Roadmaps for B2B Business Start-Up Success

July 25, 2013 | By Rebecca Matter | 13 Comments

three choicesIn this webinar, Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia and Pete Savage join Rebecca Matter to guide you through three B2B start-up roadmaps so you can get your freelance business launched quickly and easily.

The practical information in this webinar will help you whether you are just getting started or are transitioning to B2B writing from another copywriting focus.

These roadmaps apply if you need business now, if you are building your business part time or if you are making the leap to a full-time B2B copywriter.

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  • Right now I am going through AWAI’s The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting but I am wondering if I should not opt for a B2B program instead since this is the area in which I want to specialize, particularly with writing online. Any comments would be most welcome.

    • As a AWAI multi program owner I would say you need both. I think the 6 figure course is a must for everyone no matter what and you can never have to much education.

    • Hello Timothy, the Accelerated Program & Smart Copy are the basics for a solid foundation in the Copywriting industry. And the B2B training is also super. My advice is to take both and make money as you go. Good luck.

  • I keep getting the red box to log in while I’m already logged in. I’m confused and eager to begin. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • The B2B Writing Success site requires a separate login from the AWAI site.

      Try logging into the B2B Writing success site and then go to the page. If you’re still not able to get in, please take a screen shot and send to editor@B2BWritingSuccess.com

      Welcome to B2B Writing Success!

    • I’m checking into this with our tech team. You should be able to access it by desktop in the meantime.

    • The format of the webinar may not work on a mobile device. Try using a laptop or desktop. You might also try using another browser.

  • Is there a way to download the webinar so I can listen to it in my car? I don’t have time to listen to all of them while sitting at my computer. Thanks!

    • We don’t have a way to download WebEx webinar files but you can download the slides and flip through them quickly. Then, you can fast forward (using the slider at the bottom of the screen) to go right to the part the best fits your current situation. You can also watch it in batches and use the slider to skip the parts you’ve watched before.

      The benefit of watching it on your computer is you can take notes as you listen.

      The newer webinars do have an audio file you can download so you’ll be able to listen to them in the car!

  • Good morning to all,

    I am curious, is a week enough time to look for and obtain a client? Trying to make $ to support my family. Been working with AWAI for a while, taken plenty of programs, followed all the steps, but I’m just I am still waiting for that “big” break. HELP!!

  • Wonderful presentation! You get the sense these guys have been through the mill. Now, all my fears and doubts are gone. Thank you.

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