How To Attract B2B Clients Through Your Website

How To Attract B2B Clients Through Your Website

July 30, 2013 | By Steve Slaunwhite | 10 Comments

steve_slaunwhite_v2-150Your freelance B2B copywriting website is an important tool in your marketing system.  It must be professional and clearly communicate what it is that you do.

In this webinar, Steve Slaunwhite reveals exactly what B2B companies look for when they visit your site and what not to put there.  Steve explains:

  • How you must describe yourself and your services
  • How to write a bio page that convinces B2B prospects to hire you
  • A better option than a traditional portfolio
  • What pages you need … and which ones you don’t
  • And much more …

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  • It’s becoming increasingly important, Steve. While many people prefer to view the full website version, even on a tiny iPhone screen, many more people want to see a version that provides all the key information in an easy-to-read-on-a-mobile-screen format.

    My two websites ( and do not currently have mobile versions. However, I am working with my website designer to change that. There are, apparently, some WordPress apps available that make it easy.


  • Thanks for the reply!

    I’m using WordPress for my site, with Copyblogger’s Genesis framework and a mobile responsive child theme. I don’t have a smartphone or tablet, but I can resize the browser to simulate them. The main portion of the page stays on top, with anything in the sidebar being placed after that. Everything seems to adjust to the new size, even the menu.

    However, I’m still having trouble with the header graphic shrinking properly, causing a scroll bar at the bottom. Maybe you could find out from your designer what picture or graphic format would be best for this.

    Currently I’m just using a text-based header format.
    Thanks again for replying. I’m really enjoying the site!

    • Hey Steve,
      Have you tried looking in the Studiopress forums for some help? Or even the documentation that comes with the child theme you purchased? I’m a seasoned webmaster for my own sites, and have used the Genesis framework in the past, and have found these two resources invaluable. And if the answer isn’t in there, just post a question and someone will answer. The Studiopress community is really helpful.


  • Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble accessing the webinar due to Java no longer being supported by most browsers (and also due to being on linux, adding a lot of complexity) Is there an alternative link I could use? Possibly a HTML5 version?

      • Same issue here. Unable to watch the webinar, but can view the slides. The videos on viddler used in the B2B Email course have same issue as webinar it seems. Using Linux os.

  • Hello,

    As I work through this course, I’m finding that most of the websites to which Steve refers either no longer exist or have been significantly reworked. Sure, it’s pretty easy to use Google to find other great sample B2B websites, but I’m wondering what strategy you might have used to come up with your own website design.


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