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B2B Copywriting: An Interview with Steve Slaunwhite

B2B Copywriting: An Interview with Steve Slaunwhite

August 5, 2013 | By Charlotte S Hicks | No Comments

steve_slaunwhite_v2-150During the AWAI B2B Copywriting Intensive, I had an opportunity to sit down with B2B copywriting expert Steve Slaunwhite and ask him a few questions about getting started as a copywriter, getting clients, and staying motivated.

Q: Steve, your opening talk made an interesting point that applies to both new and experienced copywriters. You said it’s important to run your business like a business. When did you realize that?

A: I always intuitively did that. When I started my business, I talked about it like it was my business and I set it up like a business. I thought that’s just the way you did it.

But then I realized that sometimes copywriters don’t do that. They think of it as a temp job. They look for a copywriting job. They say, “I’m looking for a copywriting job.” They’ll contact a company and ask, “Do you have any copywriting jobs?” It’s almost like they are constantly looking for work as a temporary employee.

That’s the wrong model — you need to think of your business as a business and look for clients instead of jobs.

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