Productivity Tips for B2B Copywriters

ed_gandia-150Date: August 28, 2013
Time: 2 p.m., Eastern Time
Topic: Productivity Tips for B2B Copywriters
Presenter:  Ed Gandia

As solo entrepreneurs, improving productivity is critical to having a successful business.  And having a productive day gives us a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Working more efficiently allows us to accept more projects that will increase our income or use the additional free time for our personal priorities — or a bit of both.  Being productive allows us to enjoy the freedom of being a freelance copywriter.

 Ed Gandia, well-known for his case study copywriting success, is also an expert in the area of productivity for freelancers.   He has developed strategies for getting the most complex projects done and juggling multiple projects at once.  During this special teleconference, Ed will share some of these strategies.

In this teleconference Ed reveals:

  • The foundation of a productive workday
  • What to do at the beginning of the day to improve your productivity
  • How to get back on track when unexpected interruptions occur
  • Strategies for handling multiple priorities and complex projects
  • Threats to productivity and how to control them

If you’ve ever had a day where you felt frustrated that you didn’t get more done, this call is for you!  Find out how you can be in control of your day and get more accomplished than you ever thought possible.

Listen in now …

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  1. Jim Stramler says:

    My call dropped about 15 minutes into the telecom.
    I tired to get back in, but got messages like the lines is busy, wrong pin code when I entered it correctly, etc.
    Is it something on my end or a generic problem with the conference?

    • Charlotte Crockett says:

      Jim, there was a system failure at the conference line company. We are re-recording the call and will post here as soon as possible. Thanks!

  2. Schuzz Sophia says:

    When will this recording be updated?

  3. Charlotte Crockett says:

    The updated recording is posted and available for members. You should see it when you are logged in.

  4. Schuzz Sophia says:


  5. Nancy Ross Brewer says:

    Thanks to Ed and to Charlotte for this very interesting discussion. After a very busy – sometimes hectic – business career, it was interesting for me to hear Ed talk about how he has changed his approach to organization and time management as a freelancer. I was especially struck by his comments about the 50-minute focus technique; welcoming and scheduling constraints; and how he manages his capacity for work. Thanks for the useful tips!

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