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What to Do When You’re Asked for References

What to Do When You’re Asked for References

August 8, 2013 | By Ed Gandia | No Comments

woman laptop tiredYou’ve reached out to a prospect and made contact with the decision maker. The initial conversation went well.

 In fact, you’ve had a second meeting or call. You’ve met her boss and some of the other team members, and you’ve even offered great ideas during these calls.

Now they want you to quote a project.

Everything looks great. You think this is pretty much a done deal. But when you call your prospect to follow up, you find out it’s not going to be quite that easy. She now wants you to supply her with three references — current or previous clients she can call to learn more about how you served other clients and what they think about you.

You’re not sure what to think. Is this a delaying tactic? Is she getting cold feet? What’s going on?

 There are two issues here, each of which you must address effectively in order to minimize these requests in the future.

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