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A Football Play for Your Copywriting Business

A Football Play for Your Copywriting Business

September 12, 2013 | By Steve Slaunwhite | No Comments

football play diagramEvery so often, when you’re trying to build your copywriting business, it’s worthwhile to throw a Hail Mary pass.

What’s that?

According to the depository of all knowledge, Wikipedia, a “Hail Mary pass” refers to the desperate 50-yard throw made by Roger Staubach during the closing minutes of a 1975 NFL playoff game. That pass should have gone nowhere. Instead, it was caught by Drew Pearson, who ran it in for an astonishing game-winning touchdown.

Today, that term is often used to describe ” … any last-ditch effort with little chance of success.”

In your copywriting business, it can be an effective strategy when you’ve tried everything else and have nothing to lose.

For example, in the early days of my career, I was trying to break into a certain corporate account, but was struggling. No matter which traditional technique I tried — phone calls, business directories, etc. — I just could not identify the name of the marketing contact in that company. And, without a name, I couldn’t even mail my pitch letter introducing my services.

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