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5 Negotiating Tips Every Freelancer Must Know

5 Negotiating Tips Every Freelancer Must Know

October 31, 2013 | By Steve Slaunwhite | No Comments

Two happy businesspeople handshaking, or business person and cliSay you provide a project quote to a potential new client, and she says, “Your price is a bit too high for us.” Do you now need to drop your price to get the job?

Not necessarily.

You can negotiate. By that I mean offering the client an alternative plan that gets her what she wants — your freelance service — and gets you what you deserve — your professional fee.

Here are five ideas for doing just that.

1. Offer to get the job done sooner. If the client wants the job done in three weeks and you can do it in two, offer to do that as a bonus. The client may be willing to pay your price in exchange for getting the project done sooner. It’s a stress reliever.

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