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Enhance Your Value With Marketing Metrics

Enhance Your Value With Marketing Metrics

November 18, 2013 | By Jean Baliko | No Comments

man runs up money stepsDate: November 19, 2013
Time: 3 p.m., Eastern Time
Enhance Your Value with Marketing Metrics
  Jean Baliko

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look into the results.”  Winston Churchill

Imagine driving your car down a busy freeway … with your eyes closed. Sound crazy? And yet your clients may be doing something similar — marketing their businesses without monitoring the results.  It’s driving blind.

You might think that your larger corporate clients certainly have a handle on their marketing metrics.  Or that only the small companies need your help. You might be surprised!

Every one of your B2B clients falls into one of two categories:  they monitor their marketing results, or they don’t. For those that do, being able to communicate effectively with them means understanding their key metrics. For the others, you have a golden opportunity to gain their loyalty by helping them improve their results.

Understanding key marketing metrics and what they mean will help you differentiate yourself as a B2B copywriter which can lead to more clients and add value to your existing client relationships.

Jean Baliko is an expert in the field of marketing metrics as well as an AWAI trained copywriter. On this webinar, Jean will reveal just how easy it is to know — and be rewarded for — your results.

Join Jean and discover:

  • Why metrics are so important for B2B companies
  • Easy ways to know the results your copy generates
  • The 3 R’s you and your clients must know
  • Where to find the information you need
  • How understanding key metrics translates into more money for you

Jean has a special talent for explaining this complex topic in a way every copywriter can understand. You’ll gain insights that can translate into better results for your clients and more income for you.

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