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Need an Energy Boost? Be a Finisher

Need an Energy Boost? Be a Finisher

November 19, 2013 | By Steve Slaunwhite | 1 Comment

business man sleeping on laptop in the fieldFeeling a little drained? That’s not uncommon for busy freelance professionals. We have so much that needs to get done. Usually by an insane deadline. (No wonder we drink so much coffee!)

But …

“It’s not what we do that makes us tired,” says Steve Chandler in his book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. “It’s what we don’t do.”

You see, as freelancers, we’re often juggling multiple tasks and projects at any given time. In your business, for example, you might be brainstorming ideas for a client project … preparing for a teleconference call … dealing with vendors and partners … planning a prospecting campaign … updating your website …

All in the same day!

So it’s easy to have a lot of things started, but nothing finished. And all that unfinished business can make your energy drain faster than Triple Sec at a cocktail party!

What’s the solution?

Here’s a simple technique that works very well.

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One Comment

  • Great advice Steve!

    I’ve learned over the years how to do this and it was all trial and error. Wish I had seen this article years ago.


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