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Let Social Media Guide You to B2B Clients

Let Social Media Guide You to B2B Clients

February 10, 2014 | By Mandy Marksteiner | No Comments

social media puzzleSocial media is becoming more important for B2B companies, which means there will be more opportunities for freelance writers. There are several ways writers can use a company’s social media activities to more effectively interact and offer services to the marketing manager.

Of course, for your self-marketing efforts to make an impression on prospects, it’s important for you to have an active online foundation …


Your website and social media profiles demonstrate your ability to write, generate leads, nurture followers, and educate customers. You have to “walk the walk” to attract prospects.

If you write special reports for clients, write your own special report that will appeal to your clients. If you write video scripts, create a video for yourself. If you’re a lead-generation expert, make sure you are using the most sophisticated lead-generation methods available. When you produce these things for yourself and share them via social media, clients will notice.

“Social media is important not only for connecting and building a ‘tribe,’ but also as ‘social proof’ of your social media smarts,” said Aimee Kunau, a B2B copywriter who primarily uses LinkedIn to pitch projects, by sending InMails, invitations, and joining groups. “Social networks are an integral part of a digital marketing strategy, as any B2B copywriter worth their salt knows. Having a robust social following is a strong driver for prospects to find and vet potential B2B copywriters, and can act as a reliable predictor of future marketing success should the prospect choose to engage one with such credentials.”

Once your platforms are in place, it’s time to look at what prospective companies are doing online. Here are three ways to research a company’s social media activities and reach out to the marketing manager …

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