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Effective Small Business Websites

Effective Small Business Websites

March 26, 2014 | By Dianna Huff | 4 Comments

dianna_huff-150Date: March 26, 2014
Time: 1:30 p.m. Eastern
Topic: Effective Small Business Websites
Dianna Huff

Award-winning B2B marketer Dianna Huff gives us a sneak peek of her presentation, Effective Small Business Websites, for the upcoming AWAI B2B Copywriting Intensive.

There are hundreds of thousands of B2B websites for companies large and small. Most of them fail to accomplish their purpose — attracting quality prospects and moving them down the marketing funnel. Dianna Huff will show you how you can help your B2B clients create an effective website that builds trust, authority, and reputation.

On this call, Diana reveals:

  • How search has changed and how websites must change too
  • The role of traditional SEO today
  • What copy every website must have
  • What mistakes B2B companies make on their websites
  • And much more!

You can hear the replay here:


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  • As I write this, the replay of this interview is 2 minutes from completion, and I already feel it’s Too Short! Steve Slaunwhite speaks very highly of Diana Huff in some of his training sessions, and I see why. I KNEW that the B2B Copywriting Intensive would be more than worthwhile, and now it’s a certainty. There will be so much learning going on in Phoenix!

  • I think you’re right, Nancy! For those of us who are unable to make it to the intensive, does Diana have this information through a different medium… a book, extensive webinar, etc. that we could obtain?

  • I’d also like to hear more from Diana, but am unable to attend.
    Will there be the option to purchase the B2B Intensive “at home” version?

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