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Case Studies that Compel and Sell

Case Studies that Compel and Sell

April 2, 2014 | By Casey Hibbard | 3 Comments

casey_hibbard-150Date: April 1, 2014
3:00 p.m. Eastern
Case Studies that Compel and Sell
Casey Hibbard

Casey Hibbard of Compelling Cases Inc. gives us a sneak peek of her presentation, Customer Case Studies that Compel and Sell, at the upcoming AWAI B2B Copywriting Intensive.

Today, building trust with your prospects isn’t just good — it’s critical to getting the sale.  Case studies continue to be one of the best ways for B2B companies to establish trust. Casey Hibbard has found a winning formula for writing case studies that get results for her clients and more clients for her.

On this call, Casey reveals: 

  • The two types of case studies you need to know how to write
  • Critical errors copywriters make that destroy effectiveness
  • What you must do to make a case study compelling and effective
  • Current trends and what they mean for copywriters
  • And much more!

You can hear the replay here:

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About the Author

Casey Hibbard

Casey Hibbard of Compelling Cases helps organizations capture and leverage their customer success stories to earn trust, win sales, and land PR and industry awards. She’s also author of the first book on capturing and using customer stories, “Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset.”

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  • The introduction is way too long which can be read in the About Casey Hibbard. I would suggest limiting the intro and get to the meat of the presentation. Just as readers have limited attention so we have to get to the point quickly, this would also apply. In fact, it was so long that I had to stop listening and move on to something else.

    • Hi Yolanda,
      If you want to skip the introduction, you can slide the recording controls over to the right to skip it. I hope you’ll go back and listen to Casey’s interview – she gave many helpful insights.

  • I really appreciated all the insider information that Casey presented in this interview! Very valuable insight!
    Thanks so much for the insight from experience.

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