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Secret Methods for Staying Motivated

Secret Methods for Staying Motivated

April 21, 2014 | By Mac Bull | 4 Comments

turtle w rocket on backIn the world of freelancing, it is inevitable that we will hit highs, lows, snags, and pitfalls. The result being that we get dragged down and need to find ways to re-energize. But all that aside, sometimes you just need to flat-out motivate. Today we will discuss some effective methods on how to do this.

I will do so by revealing my own “5 secret methods.”

Secret Method #1 — Your Own Stock Pile

Big or small, we have all achieved accomplishments that are noteworthy. Maybe you wrote a lead-generation letter that brought in results beyond expectations. And your client paid you with a handshake and a giant smile. Or perhaps you wrote an email for a client that generated a good deal of sales. Maybe it wasn’t even copy, it could even be that term paper you wrote years back that received an A+. No matter what, you have done something great. Maybe even a few things (even better).

This is your secret stock pile.

In turn, it is your secret weapon for helping to pull you out of that dark place, get you motivated, and get you working on the next project … whatever it may be.

But how?

Simply by having it on hand for those tough times. When you are feeling down, or you just need that extra lift to get motivated and get going, then it is time for you to review your stock pile of wins, feel your heart fill with joy, let the copy seep in through your pores, flow in your blood, and get you going on the copywriting SUPER HIGHWAY.

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  • Thanks Mac. I enjoyed the article. This couldn’t have come at a better time. In a way I’m just starting out. I’ve been writing my own pieces for the last 7 years for a gym I own. The problem is I am bored out of my gourd right now.

    I’ve started the Accelerated Six-figure Copywriting course. I’m on both Elance and oDesk. Sent proposals up the wazoo and either lose the gig or the client flaked out. Needless to say my confidence is at an all time low. The content is there. I have 15 different pieces in my portfolio and get great responses from a few of the higher paid proposals I sent off.

    However, they eventually fall off the face of the earth. I’ve had it happen 4 times in the last 10 days. Each, by themselves, would have provided a steady income.

    I read, watch and listen to everything here and on the AWAI site. Learned bunches and will continue. Not sure if anyone will see this or why I am evening writing it.

    Maybe for therapy.


    Another broke writer

  • Hang in there Jim! Persistence pays off every time. I’d encourage you to read through some of the articles on getting clients on the website. Both Steve Slaunwhite and Ed Gandia have some excellent strategies.

    I’m confident you’ll land a great client any day now. Be sure and let us know so we can celebrate with you.

    Stay motivated!

  • Mac: Wow, this article sounds like an email I received from my coach last week 🙂

    Jim, I have to agree with Charlotte; I was feeling my confidence at an all-time low; a couple of weeks later, I’ve got four jobs for different clients I’m working on now. Believe me, persistence really does pay off.

    By the way, Mac, Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”? Really??


  • Congrats to Diane and best of luck to Jim.

    Mac, thanks for the motivation! My personal fave “Music to Write By” is from Cirque du Soleil, their first two CDs. I used them throughout my MBA in Paris, France. Many papers to write, much studying to do, many wonderful memories linger; of sitting at a small round table in my tiny (30 sq meter) apartment … productivity personified!

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