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A Marketing Plan to Get Clients Starting Today!

A Marketing Plan to Get Clients Starting Today!

May 5, 2014 | By Maria Pease | 2 Comments

Business ChartsWe all know how vital it is to have a marketing plan for our business. After all, if no one knows your business exists, you won’t have any business. But what does it mean to have a plan?

A marketing plan is a group of tasks that you do on a consistent schedule. For any marketing plan to work, you need a focused vision of what you want to accomplish — and then plan tasks you do on a regular basis, month after month, year after year to help you reach your goals. Over time, you will discover what is giving you the best results and tweak the plan as needed.

Having a niche can assist you in getting even more focused marketing efforts  because you will know what the needs are for that particular industry and be able to use hot button words that speak to their greatest desires, all while showing them you are the authority in that niche.

Preparing Your Marketing Plan

Start by evaluating what you’d like to accomplish and write it down. Whether it’s getting more clients or getting known by your target market, knowing your goals will keep your mind free of clutter. After all, you can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where that is.

Marketing plans consist of many moving parts, and you want to have a variety of them working together to get the best results. There are so many options when it comes to marketing your business, so I have included the tasks that will give you a well-rounded plan and make it easy for you to get started.

Here are some great ideas for marketing your business. Some of them are very easy to implement and you will just have to update the information occasionally, and some of the tasks you will want to do regularly. Commit to your marketing mix and watch your business grow.

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  • Thanks, Maria! This article came along at just the right time … building my website and marketing plan are the very next steps. A June “deadline” approaches (the internal clock is ticking) – thanks for the assist!

    • Hi Nancy,

      I am so glad you found the information useful! As writers there are so many things to do it can be overwhelming, so having a concrete plan can help to keep us focused on one task at a time.

      Best of luck!

      Maria Pease

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