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Executive Summary: To Niche or Not to Niche?

Executive Summary: To Niche or Not to Niche?

June 27, 2014 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Target the right personThat was the question Pam Foster tackled for B2B Writing Success on a June 13th teleconference. This Executive Summary provides a recap of key discussion points, helpful tips, and suggestions for further assistance.

On the teleconference, Pam answered the most common questions about choosing a niche, including addressing whether or not it’s even necessary to choose a niche. Pam provided how-to’s for selecting a niche, and three top tips for marketing freelance services within your chosen niche.

 If determining your B2B copywriting niche — or not — has caused confusion, or delayed the kick-off of your freelance business, this teleconference recording will be worth a listen.

 Who is Pam Foster?

Pam is an AWAI Wall of Famer, the 2009 winner of AWAI $10K Challenge, and author of three AWAI programs. She is a Certified SEO Copywriter and web content consultant writing multi-page websites, online promotions (emails and landing pages), blogs, and social media content.

 Pam’s perspectives are particularly relevant to new B2B copywriters (or those who may want to switch to a new or different niche) because she, herself, has been there. She first chose the financial market, which she “did not enjoy.” She then successfully switched focus to her current niche, the pet care market. This allowed her to combine a personal passion and earlier job experience with a growing specialty market.

 What is a Niche Market? Isn’t “B2B Copywriting” Already a Niche?

 No, “B2B copywriting” is not a niche. “B2B” describes the types of companies you write for (businesses which sell products or services to other businesses).

A “niche market” comprises companies within a unique, distinct industry or industry segment. Examples include medical products, waste removal, IT consulting services, software companies, and many others.

Why defining your niche market matters.

Some copywriters believe it’s better to be a generalist, better not to focus on a particular niche market. Pam disagreed (as do many other experts).

Being a niche player will help you “break through the clutter of generalists” in the B2B copywriting arena. If you need proof, do a Google search on “B2B copywriter” and see how many results come back!

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