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Up For Grabs: 5 Red Hot Niche Markets in B2B

Up For Grabs: 5 Red Hot Niche Markets in B2B

June 23, 2014 | By Steve Slaunwhite | 4 Comments

Red ChilliesThis article may surprise you. (And, hopefully, the surprise will be a pleasant one!)


Because, in it, I’m going to introduce you to five niches in the Business-to-Business (B2B) market that are red hot right now, and just begging for a few ambitious copywriters to come in and stake their claims.

Like Michael Stelzner did when he made his name in the B2B white paper niche.

And Roberta Rosenberg … when she became the “copywriting maven” for B2B publishers.

And Ivan Levison … when he jumped into the software niche to become, arguably, the top direct-response copywriter in that space.

And here’s the surprising part: The hot niches you’re about to learn about have little to do with software, technology, or industrial gizmos.

So, these are niches that: a) are crying out for good B2B copywriters, b) few writers know about, and c) are perfect for the non-techy.

Here’s the rundown:

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  • Thanks, Steve! After our chat at the B2B Intensive, “professional services” is on my Niche radar … this article gave it a more substantial “frame” in my mind, and provided a great starting point for further research. Glad to know there will be plenty of work to go around! 🙂


  • Steve, thanks for suggesting membership associations. That’s one aspect I hadn’t thought of. Very useful article!

  • Hello all. Since the Intensive, I’ve been leaning more to the professional services and membership associations niches as well. I agree with Nancy – if there’s that much work to go around, I want to be there!


  • Thanks Steve, I now have 5 markets to think about, meanwhileb I keep on studing my copywriting courses. I hope I can find a niche where I feel well identified with!



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