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To Niche or Not to Niche?

To Niche or Not to Niche?

June 9, 2014 | By Pam Foster | No Comments

choose a nicheDate: June 13, 2014
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern Time
Topic: To Niche or Not to Niche?
Presenter: Pam Foster

Before you start marketing your services, it’s best to define exactly which types of companies you will market to. Defining your target market, or niche, can help you grow your freelance copywriting business faster and be more profitable.

Pam Foster, B2B copywriter in the pet industry, has not only seen this in her own career, she’s helped many others determine their best niche. Pam joins us to discuss why you should choose a niche and how to find the one that will allow you to be successful as quickly as possible.

On this call Pam will discuss:

  • Is it important to choose a niche in B2B?
  • Does choosing a niche limit your opportunities?
  • How do I choose a niche?
  • How do I know if a niche is a good one?
  • How do I find clients in my niche?

Pam has also agreed to answer your questions live on the call so come prepared with your burning questions about choosing and working with a niche. If you’re unable to be on the call and want Pam to address your question, you can email it here and she will answer it during the Q&A.

You can listen to the replay here:

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For those that want a more in-depth discussion on choosing your niche, Pam’s program How to Choose Your Writing Niche walks you through the process step-by-step.


About the Author

Pam Foster

Pam Foster is a working B2B copywriter who has been writing corporate communications/marketing materials for 30+ years. This includes just about every type of B2B marketing copy you can think of — from sell sheets and trade show booth materials to articles, websites, blog posts, case studies, video scripts, and much more. Now, Pam works for a global veterinary association (all B2B), which means she definitely has the inside scoop on how to work with B2B clients.

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