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Executive Summary: Meet John Mullen

Executive Summary: Meet John Mullen

July 22, 2014 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

JM PicCharlotte Crockett introduced members to John Mullen, the B2B Writing Success Reality Blogger, on a June 25th teleconference. Members learned what makes John tick, and how he began his path to success as a freelance B2B copywriter.

John shared a few challenges he’s encountered — really good ideas he used to overcome them — successes so far — his best advice for other freelancers — and his aspirations for the near future. You can listen to the teleconference here.

Who is John Mullen?

John is a strong family man. He’s the father of four active, sports-minded children (Alex, Jenna, Abigail, and Emma, ages 17 to 9), and spends a lot of time “chauffeuring the kids around.”

What activities does John enjoy in his spare time?

  • Hiking in the mountains, where the family particularly enjoys seeking new waterfalls.
  • Many types of games: board, computer and video, and role-playing.
  • Reading (science fiction), writing (children’s books), and swimming.

What Was John’s Background Before Copywriting?

Like many freelancers, John began his professional career after university, with no inkling of a future in copywriting.

Prior to B2B copywriting, John’s career included:

  • Teaching elementary school children to read.
  • Earning an MBA, as an entrée into the business world.
    • He remembers that the Internet was just beginning to grow … all existing Internet sites fit into a single, slim, Yellow-Pages-like book.
  • Working in the IT sector.
    • A Project Management role at Ford Motor Company (an early adopter of the Internet for commercial systems). At Ford, he worked with IT industry giants, Oracle and SAP.
    • John then worked as an IT Consultant, and in technology sales.
    • And he managed an IT repair business for The Geek Squad.

John’s interest in technology comes naturally. When John was a baby, his father worked as an engineer on the Apollo 11 mission, for McDonnell Douglas.

While John does not remember watching the first moon landing, his mother said they held him up to watch it live on TV.

John, very cleverly, uses this story to demonstrate a lifelong connection with technology (his chosen niche), on his website.

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