Price Your B2B Copywriting Projects with Panache

Price Your B2B Copywriting Projects with Panache

July 3, 2014 | By Pam Foster | No Comments

money giftUnlike super-small companies or start-ups, midsize and larger B2B companies usually have healthy marketing budgets. They understand that marketing is an investment in generating leads and sales, and they’re willing to pay for quality B2B copywriting services.

How do I know this? Because I’ve worked for a wide range of clients in B2B and B2C. Overall, B2B clients have been more accepting of my top fees and they’re prepared to pay on time.

Here’s something else to consider …

Demand for B2B copywriters has never been higher.

The practice of creating content to distribute to an audience with the goal of engaging them and driving profits is nowhere near a new practice, but it certainly has reached a near-epic level of adoption.

Who’s available to write all this content? Skilled B2B copywriters, including you!

B2B clients are anxious to find quality writers for all this content. So you’re in a great position to charge industry-standard rates.

So how do you get comfortable with pricing?

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Pam Foster

Pam Foster is a working B2B copywriter who has been writing corporate communications/marketing materials for 30+ years. This includes just about every type of B2B marketing copy you can think of — from sell sheets and trade show booth materials to articles, websites, blog posts, case studies, video scripts, and much more. Now, Pam works for a global veterinary association (all B2B), which means she definitely has the inside scoop on how to work with B2B clients.

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