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Reality Blog: Putting the Pressure on a Proposal

Reality Blog: Putting the Pressure on a Proposal

July 23, 2014 | By John Mullen | No Comments

Hand Drawing Flow ChartRemember last week’s conversation about answering the phone?

If you missed it, you can read it here.

While I was writing that piece, it occurred to me that while I always take my phone when I leave the house, I usually don’t carry it around the house with me. And I do miss calls from time to time because of that.

So this past week, I decided to keep my phone close by. It paid off.

I was in the driveway, cleaning my car (I sometimes refer to my children as “van pigs” due to the vast amounts of trash they like to accumulate in the back seats), when my cell phone rang.

Did I answer it?

You bet!

It turned out to be the prospect I’d been trying to reach … the one I was playing phone tag with last week.

We talked about his project for about 45 minutes, at the end of our call he invited me to send him a proposal. Those 45 minutes went a long way towards convincing him that I’m a professional and know my stuff. That I can deliver the results he needs.

But it’s not enough. My proposal needs to be rock solid. It needs to prove I know what I was talking about. And it needs to seal the deal.

That’s a lot of pressure for one document.

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