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Executive Summary: B2B Freelance Websites

Executive Summary: B2B Freelance Websites

August 25, 2014 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | 2 Comments

build website attract custDianna Huff knows that many freelance copywriters (and other small business owners) “get hung up on the process of setting up their websites.” The task can seem overwhelming, especially when first starting out.

During this webinar, Dianna shared a four-step process for developing your B2B freelance copywriting website, to help your ideal clients find the information they need to hire you.

She outlined what B2B prospects expect to see, and ways to make your website more effective, by defining your unique brand.

Dianna also delivered a constructive freelance website review for our own Charlotte Crockett! She offered the same review opportunity for other B2B copywriters, with results to be incorporated into a new AWAI program. You can play the recorded webinar here.

Who is Dianna Huff?

Dianna Huff has vast experience in the B2B world — having spent over 25 years “in the trenches,” many of the years as a freelance B2B copywriter. Her current specialty is: “helping B2B companies transform their ‘ho-hum’ web presence into one that engages visitors and turns them into qualified leads.”

Dianna did her first website in 1996. She taught herself about SEO and Social Media, and has worked in the world of websites ever since.

Dianna is a marketing expert, consultant, and the co-author of the 2014 B2B Web Usability Report. She was a speaker at the 2014 B2B Intensive. Visit Dianna’s website and see her bio here.

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  • Hi, Dianna nice to you for the first time , my name is Hafiz Suliman, I’m eager and proudly too, to deal with you about How to build my B2B freelance copywriting website. If so, could you please send me full details including total cost. My niche “Transportation”
    Reminder:- I’m a member monthly payment.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Nancy,
    I’m coming to this post a bit late but just want to say what a thoughtfully laid out article it is. Easy to read, nice subheadings and clear information – can’t beat that!

    I’ve just signed up for Dianna’s new program so hoping it’s everything it promises to be.
    Thanks for your summary.
    PS. Gotta’ say – I was wondering about those dresses…..

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