The “Love It!” Way to Deliver Your B2B Copywriting

The “Love It!” Way to Deliver Your B2B Copywriting

August 15, 2014 | By Pam Foster | No Comments

Businesswoman with thumbs up, on whiteB2B clients (and most clients, for that matter) just love it when a copywriter comes through with excellent drafts. But even more, they appreciate it when the drafts are explained so the client’s team knows exactly what you did and why.

New B2B copywriters might just send the complete first draft as an email attachment, with a message that states, “Here’s the copy you requested. I look forward to your feedback!”

That’s fine. But it’s not dazzling.

Instead, the experienced B2B copywriter knows how to take it a giant leap further by delivering the draft in a way that clients truly get excited about.

But let’s back up for a moment so I can put a picture in your mind …

Imagine that a couple of weeks ago, your client hired you to write a case study. You gathered all the information you needed, got the names of a couple engineers and customer representatives for interviews, and you were off and running.

Well, the client was off and running, too … but in a different way.

The minute you said you were all set to start writing, the client moved on to other pressing matters in his day. He had to turn his focus to customer meetings, staff issues, budget reports, new-business proposals, marketing presentations, sales meetings, and perhaps even a business trip.

He knew the case study was in good hands, so he stopped thinking about it.

Fast forward to now (two weeks later).

You’re ready to deliver a completed, fabulous, 8-page draft of the case study. It’s exactly what the client expected, and then some. So you’re ready to send it his way.

But remember, the client’s mind has been on many, many other things … so the stage may not be set for him to dive in and review your case study with complete focus.

It’s not that the client isn’t a focused professional … but he’s had many distractions and obligations since your last conversation.

Therefore, you need to “reacquaint” your client with the project, putting him in the right frame of mind for reviewing your draft. Plus, you may need to explain a few things regarding your approach, so the client knows what he’s looking at.

With that in mind, let’s look at how you can deliver the draft with a big OOMPH, so your client will LOVE it. It all has to do with the email message you send, with the draft as an attachment.

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