Using a Creative Brief for B2B Copywriting Success

Using a Creative Brief for B2B Copywriting Success

August 11, 2014 | By Pam Foster | 1 Comment

Using a creative brief can allow you to drive the copywriting process in a professional manner. It can make sure you get everything you need to produce the best possible copy.

In the video, Pam explains:

  • What a creative brief is and how it can help you
  • The most important elements of a creative brief
  • How it helps the client too

Using a creative brief will help you ensure clarity, agreement, and success in every client project. Find out how in this short video.

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The article Pam references in her video can be found here.


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Pam Foster

Pam Foster is a working B2B copywriter who has been writing corporate communications/marketing materials for 30+ years. This includes just about every type of B2B marketing copy you can think of — from sell sheets and trade show booth materials to articles, websites, blog posts, case studies, video scripts, and much more. Now, Pam works for a global veterinary association (all B2B), which means she definitely has the inside scoop on how to work with B2B clients.

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One Comment

  • Pam brings us the most simple, but the best of the best! She has cleared up a problem many of us will encounter as our copywriting career moves forward!

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