Quick Start Guide: 31 B2B Copywriting Projects

Quick Start Guide: 31 B2B Copywriting Projects

September 23, 2014 | By B2B Writing Success | 24 Comments

Quick Start Guide: 31 B2B copywriting templatesWhether you’re new to B2B copywriting or an experienced professional, tackling a new type of project can be intimidating.

Steve Slaunwhite has made it easy for you with this handy guide to walk you through the most common B2B copywriting projects. Think of them as a compass that always points you in the direction of success.

You’ll find how-to instructions and tips for writing:

  • Print ads
  • Web ads
  • Direct mail packages
  • B2B emails
  • Website copy
  • Articles
  • Video scripts
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • And much more!

Keep this tool handy so you can say yes with confidence to any project your new B2B client asks you to write.

This powerful tool is free to all B2B Writing Success Platinum members!

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  • Thank you SO MUCH Steve Slaunwhite for such a thorough job in putting together these 31 different B2B templates. It makes it much easier to say “Sure, I can help you with that!” They’ll be able to sense our confidence too!

  • Thank you Steve Slaunwhite for this comprehensive course to get me on my way. I am not new to freelancing, but I am new to freelance copywriting. Your advice and the well thought out program will definitely be a great asset to me.

    • I don’t show you as a Platinum Member of B2B Writing Success. Please check with Member Services at (866) 879-2924 or check your AWAI member page to make sure B2B Writing Success shows up as a program you own.

  • I presumed I was on a free momth trial to learn B2B test program…..I down loaded the Quick Start Quide”
    54-104 pages…
    Now am at a loss- how to continue further..
    …………Then I get all the different avenues of programs-different prices-in my e-mails-to join…..
    Currently am confused.
    I wanted to get my FEET WET first in starting with a smaller Program,,,,,,I thought……..
    Have no problem graduating to a more costly one, once I get past this curve…………..But now have feeling
    am at -minus ground zero

  • I am new here and just wanted to say Hi to all my mentors and everyone here. Have a good day everyone.

  • I just arrived at b2b and, my first day in, it is pretty amazing. I am anxious to check it all out and see what happens. Oh, and hello to Mr. Slaunwhite and everyone else. A big thank you for being some fine teachers and examples. Well, off I go to explore all the copywriting nooks and crannies wherever they may be. 🤓🧐🤯🥴😒😏🙄😜🤪😛🙃😃😍🤑!

  • This is my first visit to b2b, it seems a lot to take in, but I am excited to get started. Being new to freelance, I want to really lean into every aspect of this, learn all i can. This site and the feedback from mentors and peers alike, will be a huge advantage. Thank You

  • I appreciate the info, there is so much content to cover here, I just wanted to make sure I was absorbing everything. Knowing that, I wanted play sponge for the first week or so, increasing my knowledge. I feel comfortable with my decision, and confident about my path. I remembered seeing a few practice ideas that came by, I figured I would send over my first pitch. Is the a specific email I should forward those to? By the way, I purchased the book “The Everything Guide to Writing Copy.” THANKS

  • First big thanks to Mr,Slaunwhite, and everyone else, who is contributing towards this course. You guys, you are helping educating nations. This is my second week interaction with the material, and I can confidentlv say, I am gaining something out of this course. I can’t complain that it is too much,infact I need even more, at the end I will benefit. I can’t wait to gain more to begin submitting my article for review, and publishing consideration. I have already submitted one, and I have promise myself to produce at least 3 post a week for review, as well as publishing. Be blessed everyone 🤠

  • Hello, everyone. I’m new not only to B2B, but also copywriting in general. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the AWAI Method self-study program, but I put it on hold to take the Sales Enablement Program. The program is taught my Steve Slaunwhite and Lisa Christoffel, so if either of you are reading my post, I want to say, “Hello!” I’m learning so much in the S.E. program. Once I finish that, I’ll have to look at the Success Roadmap and see what my next step is. Nice to meet all of you. I look forward to interacting. Have a great day, all.

  • I Joined the Barefoot Writers Club Jan. 27, completed the Freelance Writers Festival, and took the AWAI Copywriting Crash Course. I was excited to do a great persuasive email and see that you all are serious about teaching how to make money copywriting. I started the trial for the AWAI Method for Becoming a Skilled, In Demand Copywriter and joined the PWA, but need to complete a copywriting project in February to pay the $270 for it, $29 for the PWA and $29 for the B2B Success membership. I am going to focus on this B2B Success info to get started working as a B2B copywriter. Thanks for being such a Godsend Lisa and Steve!

  • Hello there I am in the B2B Success group and I look forward to hearing more from our leaders.
    I have set my goals for the journey and will allow myself time to accomplish them.
    I look forward to becoming successful while learning about the B2B Industry with new opportunities.

  • Steve,
    Once again, this handbook is quality stuff! This helps any copywriter whether or not experienced. I will use it extensively as I primarily plan to do B2B copy. Thanks again!

    Terry Day

  • Hello everyone, I’m new in b2b copywriting and I just joined the group. Hi Steve and your great team! I’m still exploring the content that is in here and hope to gain more expertise in copywriting and become a successful copywriter.

  • 6-2-22
    Hi everyone! This promises to be a smorgasbord of writing delight! I was/still am in the middle of “G’s” How to Write High Impact Emails and paused to hook up with this B2B Writing Success League as well, esp. in connection to anything “email.” That is my focus right now. I also have “Barefoot Writer, The Definitive Blueprint, and AWAI’s Method For Skilled In Demand Copywriting.” And of course the Bonuses that go with all this….Oh my, such much to learn but if I need more time I will take it. I am also taking other online courses unrelated to writing; at least directly anyway; but I’m glad to be onboard!

  • Hello everyone, I too am so confused, I have never done this before, so much to take in, I’m over whelmed, I’m one of those people that need to be taken by the hand before lift off, I hope you understand what I’m saying. I too want to be that person that when I’m in town and I meet up with people that I know and they ask, what have you been up to, then I can reply and say I’m a writer, sound great doesn’t it, but if I’m not getting when, where ,what, how, then I’m not getting anywhere, and I know there is a lot of articles to read and learn, I feel dumb.

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