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Executive Summary: Retainer Agreement Tips

Executive Summary: Retainer Agreement Tips

November 10, 2014 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Executive Summary: Retainer Agreement TipsA B2B Writing Success member question led Charlotte Crockett to conduct a webinar to help you avoid the potentially painful “accidental employee” status when a Retainer Agreement comes your way, or when you deal with only one client.

This very useful webinar falls into the category: “manage your business like a business.” It will help you understand what factors determine if you are an Employee or an Independent Contractor — who defines “Employee” status and why it matters — and much more to help protect your precious freelance, Independent Contractor status.

You can play the recorded webinar here.

What in Charlotte’s background qualifies her to comment?

A lot! Charlotte is a CPA, with a tax accounting background. She worked as a tax accountant for a large multi-national corporation, and owned an insurance agency with multiple employees. She has dealt with workers’ compensation issues, the IRS tax folks — and the less friendly “wage and hour guys.”

Charlotte has been the employer and the employee. She currently operates as an Independent Contractor, and has hired other Independent Contractors. She is well qualified to speak on this subject.

While Charlotte maintains her CPA status, she emphasized that she is not YOUR CPA! She encouraged listeners to be aware of the “accidental employee” issue — to learn enough to recognize “danger points” — to ask the right questions — and to bring in an expert when needed.

What is the difference between Employee and Independent Contractor?

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