6 Creative Strategies to Get Links to Your Site

6 Creative Strategies to Get Links to Your Site

December 29, 2014 | By Dana Zarcone | No Comments

6 Creative Strategies to Get Links to Your SiteAs a writer or a website owner, it is quite likely that you consider yourself to be exceptionally creative. If you are interested in getting links to your site, it is imperative that you harness the power of that creativity. According to website owners, the following creative backlink strategies have proven to be quite effective and can significantly improve your rank.

1. Go Visual.

If you want to increase the amount of inbound links that point to your website, you should create various types of visual content. Examples of this type of content include infographics, graphs and charts, cartoons, and pictures. Not only will Internet users be more drawn to your content as a whole, but research shows they are more likely to share the visual content as well.

Creating stellar graphics can take a lot of time and effort but it could really pay off in the long run. Many readers don’t want to go through all of that effort themselves, so simply linking to yours will be the ideal choice!

2. Create Presentations.

Creating presentations is a great way to repurpose or refresh your content and it’s fairly simple to do.

You can create a presentation using an old article that you have, an old blog, an infographic you previously created, or information from the last speaking event you attended … the possibilities are endless!

There are all kinds of technical platforms you can use to develop your presentation. Personally, I’m a bit old school in this regard. I use Microsoft PowerPoint. You can create professional-looking slide shows and even reformat it to deliver it in a video format.

Once your presentation has been created, you can distribute it through several channels including your website or blog, other relevant sites, and social media platforms such as SlideShare and YouTube.

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