Live Blog from the 2015 Web Copy Intensive

Live Blog from the 2015 Web Copy Intensive

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Live Blog from the 2015 Web Copy IntensiveDate: February 8-11, 2015
Topic: Web Copywriting Intensive Live Blog
Presenters: Joshua Boswell, Pam Foster, Brian Clark, Nick Usborne, Ryan Deiss, Rebecca Matter, Jay White, Brian Edmondson, Heather Lloyd-Martin

The fastest way to grow your Web copywriting business is at the Web Copywriting Intensive.

From February 8 – 11, top online copywriters will walk the attendees through a wide range of web copywriting topics. Each attendee will also work with a copy chief to develop portfolio pieces they can use to get clients when they return home.

We’ll be there, reporting live on every session:

  • Site Audits: Your Gateway to Great Web Clients with Pam Foster
  • How to Develop a Killer Content Marketing Strategy for Yourself and Your Clients with Brian Clark
  • The Invisible Sales Machine with Ryan Deiss
  • Your Marketing Plan with Joshua Boswell
  • Advanced Web Writing: Optimize Everything with Nick Usborne
  • Email Copy Made Easy: How to Fast-Forward Your Copywriting Career Writing Emails with Jay White
  • The Fastest, Easiest, Most Profitable Ways to Get More Traffic, Build Your List & Make Your Site Sell with Brian Edmondson
  • Learn to Love Google and Gain Great Results for Your Clients with Heather Lloyd-Martin
  • Social Media goes Mainstream with Nick Usborne

Plus Hot Seats, Panel Discussions, and more!

The live blog includes special updates for B2B Writing Success platinum members. Be sure you’re logged in to access all of the premium content. If you’re not a member yet, give platinum membership a try!

The live blog kicks off February 8, see you then!

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Sunday February 6, 4:02 p.m.

We are LIVE!!

Rebecca is kicking off the Web Copy Intensive with some good news. There is a huge increase in demand for copywriters!

She introduced the copy chiefs and explained the copy everyone will be writing during their time here. This will truly be a hands-on workshop.

Everyone will work on a project for The Barefoot Writer Magazine, Wealthy Web Writer, or B2B Writing Success.

4:38 p.m.

Welcome Pam Foster!! She’s going over the creative brief process while the creative briefs for all the projects are being passed out.

Time to learn about Site Audit consulting opportunities. A Site Audit is a consultation about CONTENT performance.

Why a Site Audit?

1. Everyone’s online or mobile but the client is invisible
2. Competition is tough in an online “football stadium”
3. Clients will grow or die based on their online impression

You will establish yourself as a trusted advisor and partner. Plus, you can charge $1,000 to $2,500 for a Site Audit that will take you 6-10 hours to complete.

What does a Site Audit include?

  • Cover letter/summary
  • Message review: on-page text, SEO tags
  • Usability findings
  • Screen shots
  • Definitions and explanations
  • Strengths and areas for improvements
  • Recommendations
  • Initial keyword review
  • Closing/call to action

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Coming up:

Nick Usborne on website copy and social media

Heather Lloyd-Martin on SEO

Brian Clark on Content Marketing

Jay White on Email Marketing

and Ryan Deiss on Funnel Building.

I can’t wait!!  For now, it’s off to the networking cocktail party where everyone will have a chance to meet their copy chiefs.

Remember you can get Pam’s full presentation, and all of the others too with the 2015 Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study Program.

Monday, 8:17 a.m.

The attendees are busy discussing a case study that Joshua Boswell gave them to help a single mother get out of debt and have more time with her ill son by launching a new copywriting business. The ideas I can hear them talking about are fascinating!  Great thinking happening here!

 8:37 a.m.

Brian Clark is on stage to talk about how he developed a huge business based on content marketing.The advantage of content marketing is that it’s permission-based communication, not controlled by a media gatekeeeper.

Today it’s MEDIA not MARKETING, according to Brian.

This isn’t a new concept. The soap opera As the World Turns was launched as a method to promote Proctor & Gamble’s products.

Content marketing asks “How do I get someone to keep buying over time?”

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9:36 a.m.

Brian is walking us through his handout “How to Develop a Killer Content Strategy.” It starts with the Empathy Map Worksheet. This is a brand new approach to content marketing. Fascinating!

How do you capture information? Surveys, one-on-one interviews, support tickets, and pre-sales emails are good tools. Keyword research is another great tool.

10:36 a.m.
Content marketing is a sales letter delivered over time. It’s like fishing with a net instead of a harpoon.

Most business are focused on herding in more customers with the promise of an experience instead of giving them the experience with content before they make the sale.

11:23 a.m.
Nick Usborne is interviewing Brian Clark and drilling down on some of the points from his presentation. It’s interesting to see what Nick picked up on.

We’ll be back after a lunch break with Ryan Deiss. That’s guaranteed to be a HIGH energy afternoon. The attendees will have lunch with their copy chief with their first assignment from Rebecca in hand.

 1:14 p.m.

We’re back with Ryan Deiss who is encouraging us to take advantage of the need for email copywriting.

This will be all about direct response marketing but stick with us – there will be some good bits for B2B copywriters too.

Ryan is going to cover the 5 phases of invisible “autopilot” selling and where you should send all your clicks in virtually every promotion.

If you have customers that have email addresses – this information will be helpful.

Don’t just build an email list – you need to know how to make money from the list! First know how to make money from the list, then work on getting more leads.

The one mistake nearly every business makes is that they fail to follow-up. A second mistake is that they send the same email to everyone on their list.

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There’s so much Ryan Deiss has covered – this is definitely a session I’m going to listen to again!

4:38 p.m.
Joshua Boswell is walking everyone through developing their own marketing plan. He starts by asking everyone to list 3 things they’re good at, 3 things they do to make others happy, and 3 pain points in people’s lives they can heal.

Joshua passed out a list of the fastest growing industries – and has made people choose their 1st choice for a niche! No wimps here!

Oh my goodness – he just passed out a list of possible services WITH suggested fees. WOW – that’s a huge help to the copywriters here.

Joshua recommends that you determine your annual income goal, then divide it by the number of hours you want to work each year, and you’ll get the hourly rate you need to earn to hit that goal.

What’s the BEST self-marketing method? The one you will consistently, actually DO!!  Joshua passed out a list of all the great ways you can market yourself .

This has been a hugely helpful session. You can get all of Joshua’s handouts in the Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study. It’s worth it just for those!

Now we’re off to another networking reception. And then we’ll be with Nick Usborne tomorrow morning. Another great day ahead!

Tuesday, 8:07 a.m.

Joshua has kicked off the day by having everyone meet someone they don’t know and share their cell phone number with them. What could he be up to?

The answer is cold calling!  Each person will use a script that Joshua gives them to make a cold call.

What a great exercise! The attendees found it intimidating, even knowing it wasn’t a “real” client. But they have proven themselves that they can do something difficult.  Well done!

8:27 a.m.

Nick Usborne is taking the stage for his presentation on Advanced Web Writing. I’m really looking forward to his presentation.

He explained that copywriting is about a sequence but that web copywriting has made it more challenging to get someone to read how you want them to. It was much easier with direct main when they would read the headline, then the lead, then the body of the copy.

Your homepage should never be “just a shop window,” according to Nick. It’s purpose is to move traffic forward. It should be active – not passive.

When you optimize your home page, make all the text on your page work in concert, developing the same story.  Make it easy to read with some white space. On your sales page, test and find the best offer. Then, remove all the obstacles to that sale.

Long copy or short copy? You need to consider that many people are reading websites on their mobile devices. Very long copy doesn’t work well with small screens so while long copy isn’t bad – it isn’t the best fit here.

Nick reminded us that web content is an essential part of every element of doing business online. Because of that, you want to optimize your content for search engines and social sharing.

11:23 a.m.

Coming up after lunch is Brian Edmondson and how to get more traffic. Can’t wait!

1:32 p.m.

Rebecca is introducing Brian Edmondson. He’s going to talk about ways to get more traffic, build your audience, and make your site sell.

The formula for all online marketing is drive traffic + build your list + follow-up.

Brian says that the #1 Financially Valuable Online Skill is … List Building! Being able to build a list, and then help your clients monetize the list, will guarantee you a steady income.

Anything you do off of your website is to drive people back to your website. Don’t just try to sell on another site.

Brian says the best thing to offer in exchange for contact information is audio, video, or a free special report (a PDF download). Include the opt-in form on every non-sales page of the website. Always have a graphical image with your opt-in offer, even with a digital download.

If a blog has a lot of organic traffic but doesn’t have a pop-up form, that’s a great list-building opportunity.

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3:50 p.m.

Brian is doing some bonus content on effective news releases. He passed out a cheat sheet which is a template for writing an online press release. It’s a paid method but it generates a lot of traffic. You’ll get this cheat sheet, plus all the videos from every speaker in the Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study.

4:44 p.m.

Joshua just passed out the Ultimate 3-Step Getting Clients Master Plan and a guide to getting contact information for your prospects. His sessions have been really helpful for the attendees who are looking for clients. It just keeps getting better – now we have an outline of what should be in our information packet. Sweet!

Join us tomorrow for Heather Lloyd-Martin, Nick Usborne, and more Joshua Boswell!

Tuesday 8:08 a.m.

Joshua has kicked off the day talking about query letters. He’s walking everyone through another aspect of their marketing plans. It’s been a very helpful process!

I’m eagerly waiting for Heather Lloyd-Martin coming up next. She’s the expert on SEO copywriting and I’m ready to take LOTS of notes!

 8:41 a.m.

Heather got our attention right away by telling us that SEO copywriters command an average salary of $90,000. WOW!

She emphasized how important it is to keep up with all of the changes in Google’s algorithm so you don’t accidentally use something that is penalized by Google. The changes make Google more sophisticated and improves the search experience for users. The good news for copywriters: “Writers make the best SEO experts.” according to Seth Godin.

Without smart SEO help, the site may be “invisible”, says Heather. Plus, companies with good rankings are seen by prospects as more trusted.

Keyphrases are words your target audience types into a search box. Doing keyword and keyphrase research isn’t difficult, but there is a learning curve to learn how to use the tools.

Heather’s 3-step Keyphrase Research Process:

  1. Brainstorm keyphrases for the site
  2. Research the phrases with a keyphrase research tool
  3. Double-check the keyphrases with Google

You want to do your keyphrase research BEFORE you write online sales pages, FAQ pages, press releases, articles, blog posts, tweets, facebook posts, and even YouTube videos.

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11:20 a.m.

Nick Usborne is doing a hot seat with Heather Lloyd-Martin. Then we’re off to a networking lunch and then we’ll be back with Nick talking about socia media after lunch. Stay tuned!

 1:14 p.m.

Into the homestretch with Nick. He reminded us that before 2007, there was no iPhone. Along with social media, smart phones have caused a major disruption for the market. Which Nick sees as opportunity.

Social media is becoming an integral part of the web as we know it. There’s more integration with marketing than ever before.

The increase in mobile access to sites is significant. On Nick’s coffee site, over 70% of access during December was by mobile devices (not including tablets). Smartphones are social devices!

Social media allows you to:

  • Reach more people
  • Build brands
  • Engage readers
  • Engage influencers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Drive local business
  • Customer service
  • Generate direct sales

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3:27 p.m.

We have one final session with Joshua on marketing ourselves and that wraps up the 2015 Web Copy Intensive. It’s been an amazing week with an incredible amount of information. Thanks for joining us and don’t forget that you can get your hands on all of the videos, slides and handouts from this year’s Web Copywriting Intensive with the Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study. But hurry – your special discount runs out at midnight, Friday the 13th!

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