Lumpy Mail for B2B?

Lumpy Mail for B2B?

January 12, 2015 | By Mac Bull | No Comments

Lumpy Mail for B2B?It is a little-known fact that in B2B, many won’t go near the topic or idea of using lumpy mail. The reason for this is that it’s seen as gimmicky, or simply as a technique for the B2C environment. In truth, it can be cheesy, when not done correctly. However, for a brave soul and expert B2B writer like yourself, you can go far with it in your own self-promotion or even in recommending it to clients.

So let’s look at:

  1.  What is “lumpy mail”?
  2.  The Secret: How to do it right.
  3.  Some real-world results.

What is “Lumpy Mail”?
It is when you “bulk-up” or “lumpy-up” your package or envelope by adding an item of size or shape that makes it stand out, due to the odd and intriguing “lump.” Hence the term lumpy mail. Bulky mail is another popular term for it. It’s to your benefit to get well acquainted with these terms. As stated earlier, this is mostly seen as a B2C technique, so many stray from it for B2B. But it is a tested and effective method for those that use it.

The Secret
The secret is actually quite simple, and it is this:

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Editor’s Note: For more on lumpy mail, listen to the replay of this call with Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results. Also on the page are some examples of lumpy mail packages that have worked.


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