Project Management: Defining Project Scope

Project Management: Defining Project Scope

January 26, 2015 | By Jon Stoltzfus | No Comments

Project Management: Defining Project ScopeWelcome to the Project Management Roadmap — a series of articles that will provide a basic process and some tools to help you manage your projects and your freelance business more efficiently.

Whether you’re planning a Spec Assignment, addressing a task for your own business, or working on a client project, four key questions can help guide you.

  • What are the objectives and final products of the project? (Scope)
  • How much time is available to complete the project and how long will it take? (Schedule)
  • What will the project cost and/or what should I charge? (Cost)
  • How will I ensure I create a package that satisfies my client? (Quality)

The four terms in bold type — scope, schedule, cost, and quality — refer to the four key fundamentals of project management we’ll be discussing over the next several weeks.

The notion of project management may sound a little scary. But in many respects, freelancers already are mini-project managers … some of you just may not realize it yet.

And if you’re not thinking about these four concepts, you NEED to be! Every freelancer can benefit from the basics — many of which are touched on throughout various AWAI programs and affiliated sites. B2B Writing Success has a number of blog posts that address pricing, business processes, and productivity, several of which will be referenced during this series.

Whether you’re working on your own website, making the commitment to work on a Spec Assignment, or starting a project for a paying client, no project exists without answering one question first — what specifically am I doing?

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