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Reality Blog: Getting Rid of Email Overload

Reality Blog: Getting Rid of Email Overload

January 14, 2015 | By John Mullen | 3 Comments

Reality Blog: Getting Rid of Email Overload

How many emails do you get each day, telling you how to make money and find clients?

Yeah. Me, too.

I get a ridiculous amount of email. And that’s not even opening the Promotions tab of my Gmail account. I’m scared to go in there.

Why do I get so much email? Because over the past year, I’ve chased a lot of squirrels (see Pixar’s movie Up! for the reference). I’ve signed up for a lot of “freebies” … a lot of important information guaranteed to transform my business. And each one promised a revolutionary breakthrough of one kind or another.

In doing all of this, I ended up on a lot of lists.

I’ve stayed on these lists for one main reason: I was afraid I’d miss something important. Something big. Something that would really transform my business and provide that looked-for breakthrough.

But you know what? Success is not going to come from learning the next new marketing trick. Success will not be found in a webinar or white paper.

Success will come from action.

When it comes right down to it, I’ve received plenty of advice from all those free offers. And yes, many of them could lead to riches … if I devoted much of my time and energy to drive them. But most of those offers I thought would be so helpful … never even read ‘em. At least, not fully.

The ones I did read often provided good ideas and info, but turned out to be dead ends.

Well, not dead ends, exactly … more like the circular court I lived on as a kid in Michigan. They drew me in, showed me some scenery, and I ended up right back where I started.

That’s all right. It’s all free. No harm in looking, right?


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  • Awesome job John! I do this periodically too, as I want to make sure my business email account stays as clutter-free as possible. In fact, I just went through my inbox this morning to remove a few newsletters. 🙂

  • Thanks, Julia. The other thing I’ve noticed? I had no idea how much stress all that email caused me. It really is refreshing to be rid of it!

  • Good article. I keep a folder of lists and newsletters from which I’ve unsubscribed. Good thing too, just today I got mail from someone who I had cut off last August.

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