Project Management: A Process for Success

Project Management: A Process for Success

February 23, 2015 | By Jon Stoltzfus | No Comments

Project Management Made Easy: A Process for Freelance SuccessWelcome to Week 5, the final week of our Project Management Roadmap series. Over the past month, you’ve learned how to use basic project management skills to help you with your freelance career.

This week, I’d like to do a quick recap then offer a couple of closing thoughts.

By now, you should understand:

  • Why a project scope is so important and how to define it
  • How to make use of a block schedule to both determine if you can take on a project and how long it will take to complete each task
  • How to define tasks and layout a detailed project schedule
  • How to evaluate opportunity cost when making decisions that impact your career
  • How to determine your target rate and price a project
  • How to evaluate the overall quality of your work

It’s time to put it all together.

I’d Like You to Write a White Paper About …

Let’s say coincidentally, just after you finish reading this Project Management Roadmap series, a potential customer reaches out to you about a B2B writing project. Let’s review the steps of our project management process …

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