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Reality Blog: How to Keep Moving Toward Success

Reality Blog: How to Keep Moving Toward Success

February 25, 2015 | By John Mullen | 3 Comments

Reality Blog: How to Keep Moving Toward SuccessI have a confession to make.

This is one of those real-world moments … you know, the ones that throw a monkey wrench into the works and threaten to derail all your plans for success?

Well, I’m not letting my plans get derailed — I’ve worked too hard and too long for that. But I do need to adjust my route a bit.

You see, for the past year or so, I’ve been able to work on my copywriting business full-time. I had some money saved up, I had severance from my previous employer, and I stretched that money as long and as far as I could.

The income I made with my writing stretched it even further, of course.

But eventually, that money ran out.

So what to do? Many people would simply give up and move on. But that wasn’t an option for me. I love this too much, and I know I can make my copywriting business work.

But I had to find more income somewhere.

And that meant finding a job.

With a job, the money problems would go away. And that would be a huge relief, quite honestly. But I’ve had a taste of self-employment now and it’s changed my outlook completely. The very thought of going “back to work” in a cubicle or a store was horrifying.

So I considered my options.

What could I do for extra income right now that would:

  1. Give me a flexible schedule?
  2. Allow me to stay focused on my writing business?
  3. Let me spend the time I needed to with my kids?
  4. Be something I was already qualified for and might even enjoy?

The answer to these questions will be different for everyone asking them. For me, the answer was simple.

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  • John,
    Great information. And so very true.
    I too bounced in and out of subbing until I was able to write full-time. There are many jobs out there for the “need money now” so you can build your copywriting career. You just have to look in your environment, around town and dig deep.
    Thank you for your words!
    Jan Haveron

  • What an inspiring article, John! While the current reality is not your ideal, it is the right step for you at this time. And I’ll add that the school district and the kids you are teaching are lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing the information, and the inspiration. We all need that!

  • Thanks, Jan! Thanks, Nancy! Subbing can be rough, but for me it’s also very rewarding. Plus it’s flexible enough that it allows me to keep my eye on the prize. The important thing for me is to keep pushing forward and not give up, whether I’m working on it part or full-time.

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