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Introducing the B2B Writing Success Podcast!

Introducing the B2B Writing Success Podcast!

March 3, 2015 | By B2B Writing Success | 2 Comments

Introducing the B2B Writing Success Podcast!Get expert advice from copywriting expert and business coach Steve Slaunwhite delivered to you each Tuesday in the new B2B Writing Success podcast.

If you want to build a thriving business as a B2B copywriter, you’ll want to make this podcast a regular part of your week.

Each week, Steve will cover practical strategies and tips to help you succeed on topics such as:

  • Finding clients
  • Marketing yourself
  • Negotiating price
  • Presenting winning proposals
  • Working with B2B clients
  • Writing for B2B audiences
  • B2B copywriting tips
  • Freelance business tips
  • And much more!

Steve’s first podcast is on The Best Time to Discuss Price. Find out how discussing price early may actually help you land the client. After hearing Steve’s advice, you’ll be able to confidently talk to your prospects about your fees — and land clients who pay you well.

You can sign up in iTunes, or by RSS so you never miss an episode. And you’ll find all of the podcasts here anytime you want to review an episode. It’s like have Steve right in your office, coaching you on to success!

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  • Steve, this was a great help. Actually, I am going through this exact scenario today, for a new prospective client and a case study

    Here is a question. After listening to a recent AWAI live conference call, I heard that our website shoudl tell them what makes you different, what services you offer and HOW MUCH you charge for those services. I’d always heard and read posting rates is not a good idea, even if you say “typical” in the description. What are your thoughts on posting rates and ranges for typical projects on a website?

  • Excellent first podcast.
    What are your thoughts, for newbies, on charging an hourly rate until they figure out how long it takes them to finish specific project types?
    (Even Dan Kennedy charges a consulting fee day rate for some projects; albeit that his rate is a rather enviable $19K)

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