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No More B2B Interview Jitters: Overcome Your Fear

No More B2B Interview Jitters: Overcome Your Fear

March 30, 2015 | By Anne Michelsen | 1 Comment

No More B2B Interview Jitters: How to Overcome Your FearFreelance writing is the perfect career for an introvert. You can spend months on end happily typing away in solitary bliss. Face-to-face meetings are almost entirely optional. And those awkward, scary moments on the phone with strangers? Few and far between.

Until … you land your first case study, or trade mag article, or white paper, and your client sends you a list of people to interview. Or even worse — they expect you to dig up expert sources on your own! Yikes!

Don’t despair, though. Even if the very idea of interviewing paralyzes you, you can learn to do it well, and even enjoy it. In fact, your aversion to the phone may actually give you an advantage over the most talkative extrovert. I know, because I’ve personally experienced the transformation from a quaking phone-o-phobe into a successful brand journalist and case study writer who often makes dozens of interview calls a month, and has fun doing it!

Let me tell you my story. Along the way, I’ll share the secrets I learned that helped me banish my phone jitters once and for all — and can help you do it, too.

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  • This is a very good article, and useful. Fear is probably the biggest obstacle to success in most endeavors. Learning how to overcome unrealistic fear is a huge step on the road to success in any venture. The tips and nuggets of advice in this article are invaluable. Thanks Anne!

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