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Reality Blog: 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind & Body Fit

Reality Blog: 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind & Body Fit

March 18, 2015 | By John Mullen | No Comments

Reality Blog: 10 Exercise Ideas to Keep Your Mind and Body SharpI actually saw green grass today! Well, it was more like a sickly yellowish-green, but still …

Trust me, if you’d been living under four feet of snow these past two months like I have, you’d take what you can get.

And then there’s the temperature. After weeks and weeks of frigid cold, 40 degrees seems downright balmy!

All that thawing and melting is making me realize: I’ve been cooped up inside too long. In the springtime, I enjoy daily walks and some jogging around the neighborhood. Plus basketball with the kids, weekend hikes, and other outdoor activities.

But in these cold winter months, I feel more like a hibernating bear. Which means more huddling in front of the computer and a lot less activity.

You might think that would be more productive … but it’s not.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. When I spend time exercising, it makes me feel more energetic and more creative. And my tasks get done quicker and with less effort, too. Instead of losing time by exercising, I seem to gain it.

There are many reasons for that. Chief among them would be an increased blood flow to the brain. But the positive self-image doesn’t hurt, either. I always feel better about myself when I take the time to exercise, and that seems to translate into better ideas and an easier flow when writing.

So if exercising’s so important, why don’t I keep up with it in the winter? Because it’s not as easy to, that’s why.

There’s nothing hard about going out for a walk on a beautiful spring or summer day. It’s actually harder not to, sometimes. But in the winter, my options are much more limited. And because those options aren’t as attractive as, say, sitting in front of the computer with slippers, a blanket, and a steaming hot coffee or cocoa, well, what do you think happens?

Yeah, okay, there’s a bunch of strange equipment in my garage that could do the trick. There’s a rusty old exercise bike, some rowboat-like contraption that makes you bob up and down like a demented rabbit, and a crazy alpine ski thing with so many cords and wires I’d probably just end up strangling myself.

So I could lug one of them upstairs and use it. But there’s a reason they’re buried in the garage (aka long-term storage unit), if you know what I mean. In other words, it’s not likely to happen.

What I need are some ideas for exercising that are simple and practical and can be done at home, indoors.

So, here are 10 indoor exercise ideas I came up with to help keep your mind and body healthy:

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