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Save Time with the WP Editorial Calendar Plugin

Save Time with the WP Editorial Calendar Plugin

March 16, 2015 | By Julia Borgini | 1 Comment

Save Time with the WP Editorial Calendar PluginMany freelancers and business owners use WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) for their websites. Plugins help WordPress users expand and extend their site to do all sorts of things. They let you change the layout of your site, add new widgets to the sidebar, or even handle affiliate programs.

Freelancers, however, look at the plugins that make their lives easier when it comes to managing their website. After all, you’re busy managing and growing your business, so anything that simplifies your website management is welcome.

One aspect of their business that often gets neglected is the blog. I know I’m guilty of this. Whenever I get too busy, I simply forget to write for my own site blog — which is a shame, since there are so many good reasons to keep the blog going. For instance,

  • More consistent traffic. New content on the site means search engines come back more frequently to index the site, which leads to better positions on search engine results pages.
  • Free publicity through any site you syndicate your blog through, such as Business to Not keeping a flow of posts on your own blog affects these sites as well.
  • New opportunities for backlinks. People link to interesting information, not product and services pages on a website.
  • It’s your new resume. A well-written blog shows off your human side, the way you think, and can answer a lot of interview questions before you even get to a job interview.

Yet despite all the obvious benefits, keeping the flow of ideas going for a blog can be daunting, especially because we freelancers are so busy. That’s where the WP Editorial Calendar (EC) plugin comes in.

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  • Wow! Thanks for the great info, new tool for the belt.

    This is timely,just beginning that process… Thanks for posting 😋

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