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Executive Summary: Lead Generation

Executive Summary: Lead Generation

April 6, 2015 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Executive Summary: Lead GenerationAll B2B businesses depend on the ability to generate leads to sell their products and services. Lead generation is essential to their survival. Large and medium-sized companies do a lot — small entrepreneurial (start-up) companies tend to do even more. Some professional services firms also do lead generation. It’s a skill worth having in your B2B copywriting toolkit.

It’s no surprise that lead generation is a very important topic for Marketing Directors, and that a freelance copywriter with lead-gen skills is considered to be very valuable.

Steve Slaunwhite joined Charlotte Crockett recently for a special teleseminar to take an inside look at B2B copywriting for lead generation. Steve is a marketing expert, award-winning copywriter, best-selling author, and (he says) wannabe cool-guy skateboarder.

Steve is also a sought-after speaker — presenter — trainer — and coach, and B2B Writing Success’s lead B2B expert. He is the author of the AWAI program, Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy, and other B2B programs. Steve was the lead expert for the B2B Copy Intensive in Phoenix. Find his complete bio on

You’ll find the entire teleconference HERE.

Every B2B Company Does it and Needs Copywriters Who Do it Too

Lead generation (or lead-gen) is the lifeblood of B2B companies. Considered “the direct response side of B2B copywriting,” the lead-gen copywriting skill set is worth developing.

Marketing Directors’ performance is often judged on their lead generation successes. New leads are sometimes viewed with the same deference afforded to actual sales — “Smart companies do the math” and know that if X leads are generated, Y% will turn into sales.

According to a recent study published by the LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing community, the top challenges Marketing Directors face are:

  • #1 Challenge: Generating High-Quality Leads
  • #3 Challenge: Generating Meaningful Content

Showcase lead-gen copywriting skills to be more valuable to your clients.

A Lead is a “Raised Hand” Showing Interest in What You Have to Offer

As a freelance professional, you know that generating leads is a key step in selling your services. The same is true for B2B companies, even though the marketing methods may differ.

Imagine this scenario: You attend a networking event during which you have the floor for a few minutes. You ask the question, “Who is looking for a great copywriter?” Six hands go up! So you make it a point to meet those six people, collect their business cards, and add them to your follow-up list.

You now have six new leads. Each of the six indicated some level of interest in what you’re selling — your copywriting services. Over time, you will follow up with each of them. Perhaps you will send a series of emails … or a special report … followed by a phone call.

One of those leads will likely result in a copywriting project for you. Congratulations!

B2B companies do the same thing. They may offer a free webinar, place an ad in trade publications or on industry websites, and go to a trade show. These activities focus on getting prospects that may buy their products or services “to raise their hands.”

Concrete Examples: Online — Offline — and in Combination

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