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Reality Blog: The Pursuit of Shiny Objects

Reality Blog: The Pursuit of Shiny Objects

April 2, 2015 | By John Mullen | 1 Comment

Reality Blog: The Pursuit of Shiny ObjectsThere’s been a lot of buzz lately about a new marketing program that was launched earlier this year. (I’d rather not mention the guru behind it … and really, I could be talking about any number of products, programs, or books I’ve wanted throughout my freelance career.)

Anyway … it intrigued me because I’m always looking for new ways to market myself, and it’s no secret that I want more clients in my niche.

So I read the full promo on it. I have to admit, I was hooked. It was a great idea!

After just a few minutes of research, I wanted it.

The problem was, I was too predictable.

You see, I kind of knew the outcome before I started reading the promo. Partly because I knew the copy was going to be sharp. I knew it was going to appeal to me. I knew it was going to create that emotional connection.

And the fact that I recognize those things as I’m reading promos now tells me how much I’ve learned. It doesn’t necessarily stop the underlying feelings, but it does help me understand how and why it affects me. Those kinds of observations will strengthen my own writing.

But the main reason I knew I was going to want this was far simpler: it was a new shiny object.

Here was something new to try.

And not just a new marketing plan, but a whole new product to learn! Since my current marketing schemes weren’t working as well and as fast as I wanted, I thought, maybe this would. This could change everything!

And that’s when I hit the brakes.

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  • Hi John,
    Great article. I definitely have “Shiny Object Syndrome”, so I copied and printed your list and it will now be referenced whenever I find myself looking at a new “Shiny Object”.

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