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Executive Summary: B2B Social Media

Executive Summary: B2B Social Media

June 22, 2015 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | 2 Comments

Executive Summary: B2B Social MediaMany B2B companies have been slow to include social media in their marketing mix. But that’s no longer the case — the tide has turned.

Today, B2B companies use social media as much as B2C companies do, and often more creatively.

Online copywriting expert (and legend) Nick Usborne joined B2B Writing Success members recently to discuss how successful — and successfully — B2B companies are using social media.

Nick is well-known to AWAI members. He’s spent more than 30 years working in marketing, the last 17 writing for the Web. Nick authored the critically acclaimed book, Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy.

He was named the 2014 AWAI Copywriter of the Year, and has authored four popular AWAI programs. Learn more about Nick Usborne here.

Nick discussed the impact of mobile devices on social media — some examples of B2B companies effectively using social media (and how they’re doing it) — whether measuring ROI on social media investments is necessary — the social media copywriting services now in demand — and more!

Charlotte Crockett introduced Nick. You can play the recorded teleconference here.

(Author’s note: Nick’s enthusiasm about the Web, and all things social, is infectious! His erudite commentary is quietly spoken, yet the amount you can learn in an hour is vast. I highly recommend that you set aside an hour, and have a listen!)

The big picture … there’s a lot of buzz!

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  • Really good overview of B2B social media! Increasingly, we’re starting to see some best practices emerge in how to integrate social media with other aspects of marketing, particularly demand generation. The technology is available to actually have a closed-loop system for tying a particular social campaign to a B2B sales opportunity. Very fascinating stuff!

    • Thanks for your comment, Robin. Nick certainly delivered a terrific overview of B2B social media, which converted me to a believer that it’s very useful indeed for B2B companies. Keeping up with technology can be daunting, but for marketers it’s a must-do these days. Thanks again.

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