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Are Case Studies for You?

Are Case Studies for You?

September 24, 2015 | By Mac Bull | 1 Comment

Are Case Studies for You?In the world of B2B copywriting, case studies are a great way for new writers to get going with client work. At the same time, they are also good for experienced writers to add to their lineup of services.

And, a case study is not simply a great project that is fantastic for copywriters to handle, it also brings great benefits to the client. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Case studies can be further adapted to help the client get more out their marketing materials.

However, in order to really grasp why case studies are so beneficial to marketers and to writers new and old, it’s a good idea to look at case studies in-depth.

Case Studies … What Are They?

Simply put, case studies are business-oriented “before-and-after stories” that show how a particular product or service has improved productivity, bolstered profits, increased sales, boosted employee morale, or saved or made money for the client’s customers.

They are often called client success stories — which means they are a very powerful marketing tool. In fact, to further clarify this point, let’s look at a paraphrased quote from Ed Gandia.

‘The great thing about case studies is they are a personal success story about your client and how their customer had success with their product. This means it is a story that no one can copy or mimic.’

Given this, it’s clear why they are so popular as a marketing tool within the B2B world. They are unique for every client!

I’m now seeing agencies pushing them more, and showing the benefit of using them in global lead-generation campaigns. The good news about that is agencies love to outsource case studies, which means that if you get in with a B2B agency, you can score those gigs all your heart desires.

Why They are Great for New Writers Starting Out

Case studies are usually in the 1-2 page range. Given this, it’s a smaller project and can be less intimidating for new writers that are excited about really getting into the game. They don’t require as much time as a longer, more complicated project, and can usually be completed in just a few days.

Case studies also follow a specific formula every time, making them an ideal starter project.

To complete a case study, you need to do a little research, interview your client and their customer, compile the information, and write the story.

These are essential skills that will fall into the “must-do” category for just about any project you take on. Therefore, case studies are a smaller, more manageable project, but carry a significant weight in the B2B marketing world. They’re a great way for new writers to build the core skills used in B2B copywriting work. Furthermore, case studies can often help build the basic foundation for bigger projects. For example, projects like white papers. White papers are bigger projects that fall more into the 6-8 page range. Yet, at the core level, you’re using the same skills as the case study.

So, you may find case studies to be your perfect focus, or you can use them to enter the game and then build up your writing career once you’ve mastered the core skills.

Why Experienced Writers Should Add This to Their Game

In comparison to other projects, such as web copy, lead-generation letters, and the like, case studies are projects of a smaller variety. Therefore, they might be the perfect fit for filling in that odd open space in your pipeline.

If the client already has the interview done with their client who is to be the focus of the case study, then writing a quick two-page case study becomes much easier to comfortably fit into your pipeline and increase your earnings.

Yet, the train doesn’t stop there. Case studies can be expanded upon into other spin-off projects, ones where the content is adapted or built upon to create things like:

  1. An online slide show presentation. Directly on the website, or even branch out into displaying in social media networks like SlideShare.
  2. A feature article for a trade journal. In turn, reaching out to like-minded business professionals.
  3. A press release regarding a new product, service, or even a change that will bring benefits to customers new and old.
  4. A series of social media posts to grab attention and generate traffic.

As it was mentioned for new writers, case studies can become your main niche of work. Which means that for experienced writers who are aching for some sort of change or standardization to their projects, making a shift in your business like this is not out of the question. So jump in, because you may find that case studies are just what you are looking for.

A Quick Recap

Writing case studies is a great skill to add no matter where you are in your writing career. If you are just starting out, they are a solid way to get things rolling. Or, if you are an experienced hand as a B2B copywriter, but haven’t done much with case studies, then it is beneficial and worth your time to take a look at them as something to add to your skill set. They can be a small addition to the current line of projects you take on, or you can pivot your business into strictly being a case study writer for whatever your key niche is.

In closing, let’s look at the three powerful takeaways about case studies:

  1. They’re a success story for your client.
  2. They can’t be copied, because each case study is personal and unique.
  3. They’re an important marketing piece for your client.

Bonus Takeaway …

Case studies can be promoted and built upon to help you and your client get more mileage out of the success story.

And best of all for copywriters who know the formula and secrets to writing them, these super-fast, fun, simple projects can pay between $1,250 and $2,000 apiece. That’s a great payday for new and experienced writers alike!

Editor’s Note: If you’re ready to learn the step-by-step formula and insider secrets to writing effective case studies, check out AWAI’s Writing Case Studies: How to Make a Great Living by Helping Clients Tell Their Stories. You’ll discover a system for completing these projects in just 5-7 hours —which means you’ll earn a cool $200-$300 per hour every time you write one. Case study projects really are ideal for new and experienced B2B copywriters!

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