Adding Credibility to Your LinkedIn Profile

Adding Credibility to Your LinkedIn Profile

October 19, 2015 | By Steve Maurer | No Comments

close up of multiracial business team giving thumbs upIf you’ve been following the previous articles’ instructions, you have a pretty good profile in the works. Today, you’ll find out how to add some credibility to your profile to help convince your prospects they have found the right person.

You may not have a lot of information to use if you’re starting out fresh. Don’t fret … those things will come as you gain experience. If you’ve done well on your profile summary, many prospects will find that compelling enough to contact you.

There are some areas that will grow as your business grows. And some new features that LinkedIn has added don’t necessarily speak to your writing skills. But they can be very important as well.

To start with … what can you do?

The Skills and Endorsements Section

This is a very interesting section because you may not be the only one adding to it. As your network grows, many of your connections will help you out. And they may know more about you than you realize.

The obvious skills are those related to your writing. You should include them as a skill to be endorsed. But I have had other people add skills that I missed or didn’t feel comfortable adding.

For example, I didn’t include social media when I built my profile. I hated Facebook, had no idea what a Tweet was, and was generally social media impaired.

But as I started moving around in social media, people recognized my skill and added it for me. In fact, I’ve now been endorsed for social media 53 times.

Don’t forget to include your skills that aren’t directly related to writing. If you look at my profile, you’ll see computers, software, home repair, electricity, and facility maintenance skills. Many are related to my niche, not my writing.

Include skills that relate to your niche. It will help in search. If you don’t have a niche picked out, add your skills and hobbies. Your niche may find you!

You can have up to 25 skills listed. The top 10 recommended skills show up first, with photos of some of your endorsers. For instance, I’ve been endorsed over a hundred times for copywriting.

After the top 10 skills, you’ll see a field of skills, listed by the number of endorsements per skill. When in edit mode, you can manage your skills, either adding more, or removing some. This does give you some control over what is shown.

There is some debate over the value of endorsement. After all, anyone can endorse you for anything, whether he or she knows you or not. But, it does have an impact on search by providing the keywords your prospects are using to find help.

But for impact, you can’t beat this next section.

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