Build a Search-Friendly LinkedIn Header

Build a Search-Friendly LinkedIn Header

October 5, 2015 | By Steve Maurer | 2 Comments

Build a Search-Friendly LinkedIn HeaderWe’re going to start building your powerful LinkedIn profile, beginning with the header section.

Some of the header copy may already be filled out with information you supplied when you created your free LinkedIn account. Don’t worry … it’s easily changed.

In fact, you’ll want to edit your LinkedIn profile frequently. It should be a living document. Your profile can be one of your most important self-marketing tools … if you work at it.

I’ve seen many people let their profiles stagnate, often for years. Maybe they’re happy where they are and don’t feel the need to update their information, or maybe they don’t realize the advantage of being active on LinkedIn. I’ve talked to many people who don’t even remember their login password!

Whether you’re a freelancer marketing your services or have a nine-to-five job, keeping your profile updated is important. LinkedIn profiles that change get noticed.

That brings us to a question that needs to be addressed before we start in on the header section. I know you’re raring to get started. I get that. But …

You need to answer this first.

What is the Purpose of Your LinkedIn Profile?

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  • Great article Steve! Thanks for the shortcut – I bought Ted Prodromou’s book last week, but haven’t finished it yet. Getting my LinkedIn Profile fixed is on my priority list, so don’t go look at mine yet (and don’t think of a pink elephant)….

    Very good nuts & bolts article.

    • Steve, for an ol’ country boy, you’re pretty smart and have this LinkedIn deal down pat. I tried the advice you gave me after Bootcamp. Bought both books and have been working on my header, summary and work experience material ever since. Just kidding about the ol’ county boy but you are pretty smart in your advice. Great article.


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