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Working with Large Corporate Clients

Working with Large Corporate Clients

November 16, 2015 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | 2 Comments

Executive Summary: Member Spotlight With Nancy Ross BrewerDate: November 17, 2015
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern Time
Topic: Working with Large Corporate Clients
Presenter: Nancy Ross Brewer

As a B2B copywriter, you have the opportunity to write for small, mid-sized, and large corporations. Each of them is unique with their own language, style, and culture.

On this member-only call, Nancy Ross Brewer demystifies working with large corporate clients and explains how understanding how large corporations function will help you be a better copywriter.

Join us and discover:

  • How large corporations function
  • What B2B copywriters need to know about large corporations
  • Business terminology you should know
  • How a company’s policies provide clues to their company culture
  • Why a company’s style is important to a copywriter

Don’t be afraid to pursue large corporate clients — with Nancy’s information, you’ll feel confident in approaching clients of any size.

The replay is posted below:

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