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Lighting Up Your Prospect’s Brain

Lighting Up Your Prospect’s Brain

December 21, 2015 | By Ruth Inglefield | 1 Comment

Lighting Up Your Prospect’s BrainRule #1 for an effective piece of persuasive writing is really simple: It must attract and hold the interest of the reader. If it fails, there won’t be a reader.

As copywriters, we already know this. We study the likely prospect in detail, seeking to motivate him or her to take a specific action. We search for an inherent benefit capable of enticing the prospect to keep reading. We hone our skills to write targeted, persuasive content.

And for the highest level of success, the process of developing these skills involves study, practice, and — science?

Indeed, neuroscience can both support our efforts to write persuasively — and guide the approaches we should use.

Brain-mapping allows direct observation of how various areas work, separately and together. The brain literally lights up and becomes more active when it’s stimulated.

Brains love to be stimulated, and knowing how to “keep the lights on” is the one of the most important inherent benefits of utilizing scientific information to create attention-getting, interesting, persuasive copy.

Let’s take a deeper look …

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  • Ruth, this is outstanding information! Thank you for providing it. Thanks also for the links so I can go digging for more. Good thing it’s the holidays and I have a little extra time, because this is worth 2 or 3 hours easily.

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