Setting Goals and Making the Leap Into Copywriting

Setting Goals and Making the Leap Into Copywriting

January 11, 2016 | By Charlotte S Hicks | 7 Comments

Setting Goals and Making the Leap into CopywritingWelcome to B2B Writing Success!

Congratulations on starting your journey as a freelance B2B copywriter and enjoying the freedom of the writer’s life!

B2B Writing Success is focused solely on providing helpful resources for B2B copywriters. We add new articles, interviews, and tools weekly, so be sure to bookmark the site and visit often!

The first question most new copywriters have is, “How do I get started?” The Getting Started as a B2B Copywriter Roadmap is your answer! It will guide you as you take your first steps in your new career so you stay on track and moving forward.

Let’s get started with 10 easy steps on your road to success:

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  • Outstanding article. Helpful information to direct one on a successful path of becoming a B2B copywriter. I will implement these suggestions in building my own business.

    • Lisa, where did you put the avatar “on your site”? I uploaded an image and profile information, and WordPress knows about it. But should I display it somewhere / somehow on my website?

  • Thank you! I also put my Gravatar up. Turns out I already have a login there (via WordPress), but I hadn’t put a photo or any profile information on it. Done!

  • On this page, in the text “B2B copywriter.Teleclass:”

    I recommend putting a return character before “Teleclass”.

  • Wow! I just put up my Avatar. Joined the Twitter group and liked the Linkedin page. I’m unable to join the Facebook group though. I’ve complained to them. Thanks so much. I’m excited!

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